We are a completely independent license holding company.

We exist solely for real estate agents who want to keep their license and continue to earn referral fees, or for those people who simply want to take a sabbatical from the business. 

Don’t retire your license – We will hold it for you!

We will keep your license active so that you don’t have to give it up.  We will keep you posted as to where to go for your continuing education.

When you join us, you are free to refer your prospect to any agent at any company, nationally.

Here is what happens when you join us: 

   Ø  We only charge a $110.00 fee per year to hold your license.

Ø  We pay your initial transfer fee to the State.

Ø  You receive 80% of any referral fees you generate. 

Ø  You are free to negotiate your own referral fees. 

For additional information, please call us at 847-559-0623, or send us an email to:



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